Mental disorders among women 4 times increase the risk of premature birth

Conducted by Australian scientists study found that women suffering from mental properties that were caused by alcohol or drugs, and 4 times more at risk to give birth to a premature baby. As reported Xinhua, recent research suggests that these factors lead to the fact that such women give birth to children with low birth weight, or cause premature birth.

A similar opinion of scientists from Australia based on the results of scientific research, which was attended by new mothers 1107 women. They had found the risk of delivering a baby with low birth weight, even if they were hospitalized one year prior to conception.

The above information was announced at the annual conference of the Society of perinatal medicine of Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide. Dr. Michel Bonello from the University of New South Wales, which is the author of the study said that this situation is only "the tip of the iceberg". My opinion she explained that the social value of women is changing, and as a result a growing number of women who use drugs and abuse alcohol. She also noted that these indicators are approaching similar to those representatives of the male population.

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