According to New Scientist, a different variant of HMGA2 gene determines the size of the brain and the level of intellectual development of man. This conclusion was derived from an international group of studies, the head of which was made by Paul Thompson, a scientist at the University of California at Los Angeles, USA. Informational article published in Nature Genetics.

The authors analyzed the statistical data of more than 20 thousand people, including Americans, Europeans and Australians. Participants also decrypt a specific gene has been proposed functional magnetic resonance imaging of the head, which helps to determine the size of the brain. All study participants were tested for the development of mental abilities.

Distinctive features in terms of volunteers were found among those who was a carrier of the gene HMGA2 (in different variants) that performs the same encoding protein and regulating the process of transferring information heredity from DNA to RNA (transcription).

Those who was the bearer of two C-variants of the gene (almost 25% of participants), has achieved the result by 1.3 points higher than the native C - and T-version (about 50% of the study), and 2.6 points higher than those who have two T-option.

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A similar relationship noted relative to the overall size of the brain, the value of which differed by 0.6% in each specified group. Studies have also shown that depending on the different variants of the gene TERT changing the size of the hippocampus by 1.2%.

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