Men with large testicles are more prone to heart disease

According to the edition of The Daily Mail, the representatives of the male half of humanity, with larger testicles are more susceptible to diseases of the cardiovascular system. Hypertension, overweight and not a small amount of alcohol become a cause of hospitalization. According to representatives of the University of Florence, health can be affected by the size of the testicles.

A study was conducted that lasted seven years. It participated 2809 representatives of the stronger sex, who took the blood for analysis of hormones. Men ought to visit a doctor in order to measure the genitals. During the experiment, doctors increasingly diagnosed cardiac ailments those men whose testicles were large. Also the owners of large testes revealed a high content of luteinizing hormone, which has a direct impact on the size of the testicles. Just luteinizing hormone can cause cardiac ailments.

Despite this, the owners of large testicles fertility rate is quite high, which is often the basis of good health. Thus, the researchers were surprised. But it is worth noting that participants in the experiment were men with some sexual dysfunction. Therefore, the results of the study may not apply to all representatives of a strong half of mankind.

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