Men with big belly at risk of getting osteoporosis

According to the website "Healthy Russia", the conclusions of American specialists from the medical school at Harvard based on the results of the study, which examined the health status 35 volunteers (they are all young men). According to the imaging, the participants, who had an impressive body fat on the stomach had lower bone density compared to the rest. In addition, their muscle mass was lower. According to experts, the first step to prevent disease should be losing weight.

People older than 35 years, calcium leaches from the bones more intensively than deposits in them. This applies to all, however, some people expressed more clearly and can cause disease osteoporosis. Bone strength can be maintained by using a balanced diet that contains natural vitamins, minerals (especially calcium) and fiber. Help and regular physical exercise. To counter osteoporosis can, eating whole grains. Especially the chances of increasing osteoporosis in smokers and persons who abuse alcohol and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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