Men with a broad face easier to negotiate - the scientists

Scientists from the University of California proved that men with a broad face easier to conduct productive negotiations. Note that the information is valid only if the person holds talks alone. Findings were published in the scientific journal Health Day.

If negotiations require compromise, broad-faced men lose their advantage. According to scientists, we negotiate every day, without even noticing. The negotiations may not be associated with a business or serious cases. Often need to negotiate with your child or wife, says expert Michael Haselhuhn.

In the study, researchers conducted a series of experiments. First, shirokolitsye men were able to trade by 2.2 thousand dollars more than uzkoglazie. In the second experiment, chirocaine men managed more expensive to sell the plant for the production of chemicals, and in the case of purchase - bargain for a better price.

However, in the creative tasks of men with a wide face were not so successful. In the third experiment, the researchers assessed the attractiveness of volunteers. It turned out that cute males often thought beyond certain prescribed limits and have a more successful transaction.

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