Men under fifty should undergo regular testing for prostate disease

A research team from Sweden, the study concluded that men over the age of 45 years should be screened for prostate cancer, according to Russian news service BBC. Meanwhile, many experts have addressed such statement skeptical, as testing to detect prostate specific antigen (PSA) does not provide enough reliable information.

Swedish scientists continue to insist that if men aged 45 to 49 years regularly examined, in this case, many deaths occurred due to cancer of the prostate, it would be possible to avoid. This statement is based on the results of the study, which was attended by more than 21,000 men. This study was conducted, starting from 1974 to 1984, the first year, and at the aforementioned time, its members were 21 277 men, whose age at the time of the study ranged from 27 to 52 years. During testing, scientists have resorted to the results of blood tests taken for the diagnosis of PSA level.

Then scientists discovered in men aged 45-49 years, 44 percent of those diseases, which would have led to the development of prostate cancer. The number of past examination men who subsequently became ill with prostate cancer, was 1369 people, of which 162 people died from these cancers. On this basis, the researchers concluded that men in this age category should be subject to regular study, and then if found elevated levels of PSA, it is necessary to conduct further diagnosis and treatment.

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