Men seem to tolerate the lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation is a process associated with the violation of rhythms, lack of sleep and a busy work schedule. Recent studies show that sleep deprivation can cause serious adverse side effects psyche and health of internal organs. Lack of sleep lowers the immune system triggers an inflammatory disease, aggravates chronic processes.

Before scientists made the discovery. It turns out that men are better than women suffer sleep deprivation. The male body has a special stability and may have the strength even in difficult situations. Data were confirmed by the research group of men and women who were interviewed about the frequency of sleep deprivation and its consequences. It turned out that lack of sleep in women, often accompanied by cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

Scientists say that sleep is the Foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and its deficiency or absence of the mode can lead to serious consequences. During sleep, the body replenishes energy reserves, processes the received visual information and gives the rest of the nerve cells. The female body often has fewer powers than the male body, which becomes a cause of the severe consequences of lack of sleep.

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