Men raised testosterone levels when looking at the friends of their enemies

Professor of anthropology, University of Missouri mark Flynn over the last twenty years studying cultural and evolutionary models of human society. As an example, he chose rural communities in the Caribbean, the study of their behavior, he put forward an interesting hypothesis about the methodology that will allow us to avoid adultery.

In the study of boys and men, the researcher found that the level of the hormone testosterone they fell when they communicated with their spouses their friends. According to scientist, anthropologist, and thus manifest the evolutionary mechanisms by which people can live in large groups. Despite the fact that men were given many opportunities to care for spouses, their friends, suggestions twist love affair are more rare, when compared to the number of possibilities. The level of the male hormone testosterone increases in men communicate with women, whom they regard as potential partners for sex. Additionally, growth hormone is observed in men during their intercourse with the wives of his enemies. Studies American anthropologist show that the male consciousness and sexual attraction have evolved in such a way as to help maintain strong family ties.

In addition it was also found that men who, in the course of evolution has caused distrust his friends, thereby jeopardized the stability of family relationships and made communities less vulnerable to enemies. Studies of testosterone showed that evolution has taught people cooperation, and using this understanding of human nature, you can learn to solve global problems.

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