Men often exaggerate their sexual performance

Scientists from America found that in matters of intimacy representatives of a strong half of mankind trying to exaggerate their capabilities to meet the most common perceptions of the norm.

Well-known is the assumption that men think about sex every 7 seconds. American researchers have now to decide whether it is right in this assumption and conducted a special experiment.

For the experiment, scientists have gathered a group of men and women, who were asked to record in a special diary of when and how much they had sex, and how much time they think about it. Was also important to note in such moments, their psychological state.

The duration of this experiment was one month.

The results of the study showed that people often think about sex at a time when they have a good mood. In addition, at such moments, they tend to exaggerate their sexual performance. In times of a bad mood about sex subjects almost no thought.

In addition, experience has shown that both men and women exaggerated their interest in sex and ability to work, but men did it to some degree more than the fairer half of humanity.

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