Men makes impotent, and be persuaded to change "sex schedule"

Most couples wishing to have a baby, one way or another, have, alas, to adapt to the ovulation cycle. Meanwhile, few people even think of how such a regime for heavy men.

On the basis of the study, about 400 people have discovered that every 10th man on the side ever started an affair, because the contact of an intimate nature with his wife were reduced to simple graphics. And four out of 10 men generally admitted that efforts to have a baby of them made impotent, writes The Daily Mail.

Noteworthy: meanwhile with the number of sexual contacts and, consequently, increased stress, which subsequently experienced men, state specialists in South Korea, which carried out monitoring of couples trying for years to conceive a child. This is eloquent proof of the fact that stress in men dramatically reduces the production of testosterone, which is associated with libido, because of cortisol (hormone).

Researchers in this regard do not recommend the practice of "sex schedule" for more than 3 months in a row. Between these phases should take a few months. Otherwise, sex with a partner becomes a duty and a heavy chore.

Scientists recommend couples sex to do 2-3 times a week. This will enable them in any case to fall within the period of maximum fertility.

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