Men love to more women FIB

Scientists from the University of Hertfordshire found that men lie more often than women. The average man is lying three times a day, and the woman only two. General statistics lie calculated Karen Payne, she revealed that the average man is lying 1092 times a year, and the woman 728 times.

Subjects have to resort to lies, also differ in men and women. Most women lie about the cost of new things, especially purchases, here lies 39 percent of women, they have to lie twice - girlfriends they call an inflated price, and husbands too low. To lie about the purchase price likely only a quarter of the men. The second "favorite" subject to lie with the fair sex - nasty phone calls, half of the women are deceived that they are busy or can't hear the phone, while among men does only the third part.

Men outperform women, when they lie in the relationship. Historically, in order to win the favor of women, a man had to show that it has large resources for posterity, because men and tend to promise the ladies mountains of gold, even if it's not always true.

However, Professor Payne insists that since the extraction of resources involved men, only falsehood has historical justification. In addition, the statistics says that the more socially active you are, the more he lies. Introverts don't like to force myself to lie, while the extroverts lie is easier. Also the study showed that every fifth person considers normal lie to the boss about the disease, so as not to come to work, and 13% of respondents do not believe that the relationship will get worse if you lie to your partner that you never did change. As resources and nutrition of our ancestors, and today the most common cause of lies is the main resource is money.

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