Men love to cuddle and women sex

American scientists have discovered that such displays of affection, like kissing and hugging, more important for men than for women. For women with time is becoming increasingly important sex. The researchers interviewed more than 1,000 couples from five countries (USA, Spain, Germany, Japan and Brazil), which were both long-and in fresh ways.

Men who embraced a day at least three times, were three times happier than men without such displays of affection. Women have the same level of happiness did not depend on tactile contacts at this level. Both partners in the couple stated that over time, and sexual relations were improved. However, men tend to say. Satisfaction with relationships and women that satisfied sexual life.

Study author Dr. Julia Heiman notes that the first 15 years women may get tired of the relationship, as children require a lot of energy, after this period, many women feel freer and lighter. The period of low satisfaction in women coincides with the period when their children are still small.

Although doctors found that tenderness is actually more important for men than for women, to display on the basis of gender stereotypes early.

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