Men like smart girls with small Breasts - scientists

Scientists from Newcastle University conducted a study aimed at identifying the ideal proportions for male and female body. Data were collected using a special 3D design, modeling a perfect body.

Boys and girls were asked to make two ideal appearance. Only the study involved 80 people. In the application they changed the degree of physical development, body proportions, the amount of muscle mass, breast size, waist, hips.

It turned out that the female ideal in the eyes of the girls are big Breasts and slim waist. The man should be disciplined, with broad shoulders, toned torso, average weight and high growth.

Perfect girl in the eyes of men is slim shape, light weight and neat small Breasts. The perfect man looked around also.

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Research has demonstrated differences in the standards of female beauty depending on gender. It turned out that large Breasts is not an essential criterion of beauty for men. The main thing is neat appearance and well-proportioned body.

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