Men do selfi often women - study

A well-known company HTC, which manufactures mobile phones, conducted a study involving two thousand people aged from 18 to 30 years. Specialists have found that men do selfe and put them in a social network about three times a week, whereas women on average spread 1,6 photos per week. A quarter of men are so frequently updated page on the social network to get jealous of your partner. Data provided by the publication of Jagran Post.

75% of men and 45% of women taking pictures of their own body. One in five men under surveillance at least once did a picture of their Breasts, 17% were photographed by the press or the torso. Many representatives of a strong half admitted that selfi help them to seem sexier and seductive.

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According to the data, only 13% of women try to make their partner jealous by adding new photos. 7% use selfe to seem more beautiful and obvorozhitelna. 35% pursue simple goal - to share with friends, 25% - photographed for memory. About 19% of men and women do selfe to attract more attention and create the desired image.

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