Men do not want to pay on the first date

American scientists have found that men do not want to pay for a girl on a date. About 70% expect that the girl will show yourself and pay for your part itself.

Despite this, the vast majority of men feel guilty when I take a girl money.

Most men who for financial equality, admitted that quickly lost interest in the lady, if she did not pay for themselves in a café and restaurant. However, 76 percent of the Cavaliers felt a sense of guilt when he took the money.

Psychologists say that the standard scheme of courtship no longer relevant and outdated. Such conclusions are made on the basis of a survey of 17 thousand people. Changed gender behaviors of men and women: men appeared Housewives, women in business, gaining momentum feminism. Traditional schemes courtship has no place in modern society.

Not so simple and women in the situation of payment. More than a third, when they offer their financial support, hoping that their partner will refuse and will pay for everything myself.

All of the above statistics can be attributed only to the first date in the future, as a rule, there is a constant separation entertainment expenses, and everybody pays for itself.

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