Men at the first meeting looking me in the eye and not on the chest

Scientists put an end to disputes on the topic: what part of the body men turning their attention when you first look at the opposite sex. Contrary to popular opinion, research suggests that at first glance not on the bust, writes The Daily Mail.

The survey polled 1,000 men, 700 of which said eye, as the first factor that deserves attention. The second factor was the smile. The study says the opposite results that do not coincide with the established stereotype: the bust in the list is only in third place.

A similar experiment was carried out among women. The results were similar: the leading positions remained behind the eyes and smile while then walked to the sense of style, height, weight, face shape. The unclaimed were male nose.

Men at further initial assessment of women pay attention to the grooming of her hair and of the figures. The last thing that worries man, was the condition of the skin of the opposite sex.

The study proves the fact that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, have much to tell us about the person and have the highest information content at the first meeting with the opposite sex.

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