Men are more romantic and more likely to be in treason - the results of the online survey 70,000 people

According to data explorers, men are more romantic. And this despite the fact that men tend to forget important dates. People from different countries in the amount of almost 70 thousand participated in the online survey. According to the analysed results of the study, representatives of the stronger sex can be a sudden romantic impulses.

Sociologists were asked a series of questions about their relationship. 48% of the men claimed that their partners they fell in love at first sight. It is worth noting that among women there were just 28%.

According to the results of the survey only 19% of women admitted in the novels on the side, while in the same act confessed 33% of men.

But there are some positive findings. So 74% of respondents are happy in their current relationship, that is, the majority of participants from the previous survey. And 66% believe your partner your partner, which is also a good result.

The full results of the survey can be found in the book "The Normal Bar", co-sponsored by two of Professor pepper Schwartz, James Witte and American entrepreneur Krisanna Northrup.

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