Men are more deeply experience the lack of children

Research conducted by British scientists from Kiel University has established quite an interesting fact. As it turned out, men who can't have children, are more severe depressive condition than women who are experiencing the same problem. Scientists have found that the desire to have children in both men and women the same. But if men for some reason are unable to have a baby, then he is in this fact worse than a woman. A man falls into a deep depression, often becoming lonely. Additionally, men are more aggressive and angry.

Motivation to have a child in men and women differs. Man seeks to have the baby because of family, cultural or social pressure. Women tend to have children due to the biological needs or personal desire. Research data suggests that 63 percent of women and 59 percent of men dream of having a child. In addition, half of the respondents childless men confessed that they feel lonely, while among childless women the figure was 27 percent.

38 percent of men who have no children, are in a state of depression. Among women in the depression condition 27 percent. A quarter of the men became for this aggressive (among females: 18%), 56 percent of men are very worried and sad about it (compared to 43 percent of women). The only indicator that is present in women and not in men, is that 16 percent of women feel guilty for not being able to have children, while men like this do not feel guilt.

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It should also be noted that this study is unique in its kind: it has become clear that both sexes equally want to have children. Previously, it was believed that women are more worried because of the lack of children, and because of the pressure of public opinion, but as it turned out, the opposite happens: the company insists that men have got kids in the first place.

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