Men are less women obsessed with their body, the study showed

Men along with women have problems with body-image. According to a recent study, some representatives of the strong half of mankind, concerned at the insufficient their muscles. This fact causes men to use steroids and other unsafe ways to look more masculine, says The Daily Mail.

Scientists call this disorder "muscle dysmorphism". Men with this deviation quite a lot, but only a few seek help to the experts. Note, only a few decades ago this problem was not considered at all, and the men big attention to their disability are not paid unless they were a threat to life.

The main danger is a strict diet that reduces quality of life. In some cases, on a background of starvation or excess protein with carbs can develop depression. The number of people with muscle dysmorphia is growing every year. That is why scientists pay attention to the problem and call upon specialists in medicine to connect to it.

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