Men are increasingly resorting to rejuvenate their genitals

In recent years, the popularity gaining speed operation to improve the appearance of male genitalia. Doctors have invented a name for the phenomenon – "sexual rejuvenation for men. Earlier in the operation to change the shape of the labia resorted women. Now both men lie on the surgical table with similar aims.

The force of gravity gradually changes the shape of the male genital organs. The introduction of Botox into the scrotum through the needle allows you to straighten the wrinkles, visually increase the area of the genitals. Even the drug reduces the secretion of sweat in the crotch area.

The main reason for the growing popularity of these operations is their short duration. In some cases, surgical intervention can be held at lunchtime. Minimally invasive surgeries are minimal impact on the fabric. Usually done a couple of small punctures or incisions and inserted the necessary preparation.

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