Men are heavier than women carry flu and cold

Neurologist Amanda Ellison from Daramsala University found that men do not pretend, when they say how bad tolerate the symptoms of flu and colds. Actually, for the mentioned diseases in men much harder than women, according to the newspaper the Telegraph.

According to Amanda Ellison, both men and women there comes a time during which the brain of both sexes appear different. Brain zone where preoteasa engine and which controls various parameters, including temperature, under the influence of testosterone in men is growing faster. This area receives the signal on the penetration of infection into the body, and the core begins to increase the temperature of the human body.

Since the dimensions of this zone in men more than women, male heavier feel changes in their body during illness. This version is supported by images that have been made in the research process.

Doctors insist that flu and cold are different diseases, and it is impossible to compare the degree of their impact on the organs and the organism as a whole. Method of treatment for both diseases is also different, and that's why you have to make the correct diagnosis.

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