Men and women suffer mental illness differently

Men and women are differently affected by various mental illnesses, this is the conclusion of scientists from the U.S. National institutes of health. Men are more often diagnosed with substance abuse and antisocial disorder, women are prone to developing anxiety and depression.

The obtained data demonstrate the necessity of gender-based prevention and treatment of mental illness. All data were analyzed by 43,000 people.

Gender differentiation can be explained through differences in how women and men Express their emotions. Women with anxiety tend to keep within their emotions, which leads to feelings of loneliness and depression. Men are more prone to emotional expression, which leads to aggressive and impulsive patterns of behavior.

The researchers propose to introduce different methods of treatment of mental disorders according to gender. Women should focus on getting impressions, to prevent too long a sad reflection that can lead to clinical depression, a man must learn to channel their aggressive intentions in a non-destructive way and get pleasure from their own achievements.

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