Men and women have different ways of dealing with stress

A group of experts from the UK conducted a study, interviewing 115 men and 250 women, reports The Daily Mail. Researchers interested in the question of methods of dealing with stress. Experts found that 27% of men and 11%, to relive stress, you begin to temporarily lead a dissolute lifestyle. Uspokoenie food used 50% of women and 30% men.

Women often stress eat, said the researchers. But men to solve problems - lead a dissolute life. Men will cope with experiencing shocks. Women on the contrary discuss with friends your feelings and the longer the period of transition to peaceful life. Most often, psychotherapists men referred because of problems at work, while women - due to problems with the opposite sex. Men hoped to quickly solve the problem, but the contrary women had discussed their problem.

To summarize, the study authors said that men are less likely to seek psychological help than women. Men 3-4 times more often decided to commit suicide. According to experts, psychotherapists should pay more attention to the difference of men and women, changing the approach to treatment.

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