Men after the age of 40, be careful!

Most people know that the health of men after reaching them a certain age should be the object that requires special attention. Despite the fact that men are often referred to as a strong floor, they in most cases are faced with strokes, heart attacks and other conditions that can be a major cause of death. Mostly such troubles overtake men in the transition them critical level of 40 years.

A group of experts from Scotland came to the conclusion that men after reaching the age of 40 years should abandon the "seat" on strict diets and limit physical activity on the body.

The point here is that such moments of lifestyle can in the truest sense of the word to bring the man to death. Moreover, from the opposite side can watch for danger, because if a man leads a sedentary way of life, and if he observed a tendency to excess and excessive gluttony, it can also significantly reduce the duration of his life.

The authors of the survey explain that the male midlife crisis is not only expressed in the changes of physiological nature, but also in psychological terms. The man may simply overestimate the values and orientations, the metabolism in the body slows down, starts the manifestation of signs of any abnormalities. If in this period, the man suddenly going to exhaust yourself by dieting or excessive wear down physical activity, the risk to health is not excluded.

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