Memory loss begins earlier than we think

Age-related changes do not always cause memory loss. According to The Telegraph, this can be encountered in 40 years, and 30. These data were obtained after a poll of 1000 people over the age of 50 years. The beginning of the problems we had, on average, 57 years, although met earlier cases.

2% of respondents admitted in the deterioration of memory after 40. After 30 years it found 6%. Overall feelings about memory and entering in connection with this unpleasant situation to begin with most people long before they have to retire. About 31% have experienced anxiety due to possible memory loss.

The most common examples of respondents, there were cases when they forgot to wear socks, leaving home, or did not remember the correct spelling simple words. Some during the business meeting could not remember even his own name, missed the visit to the doctor at the appointed time, accidentally left the store without a partner.

One third of respondents older than 50 years did not remember the names of others. According to the staff portal Love to Learn that conducted the poll, leaving the keys and points confessed 19%, PIN - 13%.

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