Memories of food to help lose weight

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have found that obsessive thoughts about food, which often visit on the human diet, don't distract him, but on the contrary, contribute to weight loss. More colorful than he will be able to provide those meals that he ate before the diet, the lower portion he will eat for lunch.

British scientists believe that the regime of healthy eating can be achieved by concentration of thoughts about food, not hard methods of its limitations. While eating we must think only about the food, and not be distracted by different things, such as reading the newspaper or watching television. In this case, the person ceases to notice what amount of food he ate, which in turn leads to overeating and a set of extra pounds.

Therefore, the researchers recommend to write the names of the products you consume, and also to remember the meals in order to use them during the memories. However, you can save the packaging from favorite foods, as even a glance at them leads to a smaller amount of food consumed. Scientists believe its a new technique strategy, which will replace the hard constraints in the intake of calories in the diet.

It should also be noted that the researchers so far have tested their method on people with healthy body weight. Among them, this method of losing weight due to memories of the food was of a good result. As for people with obesity and how it will be effective among them, then this will show future research that scientists are going to spend in the near future.

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