Melilot honey and its health benefits

Melilot honey is one of the most useful varieties, collect bees from two varieties of honey plants: white clover and yellow medicinal clover. Therefore, the color of honey varies from white with a slight greenish or greenish-Golden hue to a light amber color. Melilot honey stands out for its peculiar taste - it can be slightly bitter or with a specific flavor, but the smell is very gentle and extremely pleasant. The high nutritive value of the product and medicinal properties are determined by its composition, which contains up to 40% fructose and up to 37% - glucose.

In America, this honey product is recognized as the best of all varieties, its sales account for 50-70% of the entire implementation.

The chemical composition of melilot honey: sugar inverted - 75-76%; sugar cane - 0,1-1,0%; the content of nasarov 7-8%; water - 17-20%; ash - 0,5-0,6%.

In 100 g of product contains:

• carbohydrates - 74,8 g

• proteins - 0.8 g

• group of vitamins: B1 0.01 mg, B2 0.03 mg, E - 0,06 mg, PP - 0.2 mg, C - 2,0 mg

Energy value of 100 grams of product is 314 kcal.

Medicinal properties of melilot honey:

• has a good therapeutic effect, and is used in atony of the intestines, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

• taken as a laxative agent;

• used for the treatment of hemorrhoids;

• normalizes metabolism;

• accepted for diseases of the cardiovascular system: dilate the coronary vessels of the heart, diluted blood, improves circulation, reduces edema of cardiac origin;

• people suffering from hypertensive disease stabilized pressure;

• helps with thrombophlebitis;

• in treatment with other agents used with atherosclerosis of vessels of heart and brain;

• is an excellent diuretic, analgesic, expectorant and antibacterial agent;

• used for compresses in the treatment of purulent wounds and boils, the best effect in combination with propolis;

• to be approved for the treatment of eye diseases;

• to be approved cough, chronic catarrh, bronchitis and asthma;

• helps with migraines and insomnia.

Collect melilot honey from June to August, when blossoms honey plant.

Crystallization of the product is slow, and in the crystalline state honey has a fine-grained structure.

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