Megacities lead to the development of diabetes - scientists

The stress hormone cortisol is responsible for inflammatory reactions in the body. The excess amount of the substance leads to the disorder of metabolism that can result in diabetes mellitus of the second type. Cortisol is inherently inhibits the synthesis of insulin in the beta cells of the pancreas. On the eve of scientists becomes that in rural areas diabetes occurs much less frequently than in large cities. Data provided by the publication of Zee News.

In the study, researchers gathered a group of volunteers. 28% had diabetes mellitus and other metabolic disorders related to digestion of glucose. Among the rural population, the disease had met at least twice. Interestingly, together with reduced risk of diabetes in the villages the inhabitants celebrated the best indicators of the hormone cortisol.

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Scientists have linked increased risk of diabetes in cities with reduced activity, mainly mental labor, malnutrition, with a predominance of fatty and sugary foods.

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