Medvedev: Russia is in the process of preparation for the new health project

On the eve of a meeting of the Presidium of the Council for the solution of the main problems in the national healthcare. For ten years, there are new laws in the sphere of Russian medicine. Many problems are solved, however, some issues require further attention.

Innovations 2016 needs to help deal with cuts to rural hospitals and clinics. "If the decision on the fate of the only one located in a village medical facilities, was adopted without considering the opinion of citizens, for the settlement it can have heavy consequences, people just run away from there", - commented on the issue, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

Another important direction is the introduction of simplified electronic document management for physicians. The doctor needs to spend on accounting documents more than 20% of their time. "The standards of admission, in fact, are Advisory in nature. Any doctor, of course, must accept the patient as long as necessary. Recommendation in 15 minutes is a target, but if the 10-12 minutes it takes the paperwork, this mess is unnerving the doctor and the patient very frustrating," says Medvedev.

Will continue to develop aviation through investments in the domestic aviation industry. Medvedev noted that is BAD in the media should be regulated expert advice. Often on TV you can see drugs are ineffective, standing a lot of money.

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