Medvedev dissatisfied with the pace of modernization of health care

President Dmitry Medvedev at the opening of the may 24 meeting of the Commission on modernization and technological development of Russia's economy noted that it is necessary to accelerate the modernization of the system of child health care.

Medvedev noted the lack of registered drugs, which would be children dosage. The introduction of new techniques and update medical equipment will help save children's lives, and to save them in our arms, said Dmitry Medvedev.

Medvedev pointed out the course of modernization - training of staff, hospitals, manufacturing quality domestic medical equipment at affordable prices. In the Museum of the history of medicine at the University. Sechenov, the President showed the new hardware, Medvedev noted the level of the carried out work, but the cost of the machines didn't satisfy him. Made in Russia technique should make upgrading more affordable for budgets of hospitals, at the moment, it is inferior in value of the imported technology.

New equipment can save the lives of thousands of infants with extremely low birth weight. Since 2012 children's healthcare will be subject to the new standards if currently officially recognized alive a child with a body weight of 1 kg, then in the new year, the threshold will be reduced to 500 grams. Children with such a low body weight for enhanced care and the latest technology.

Medvedev's speech had resonance in the media, however, while officials from the Ministry of health cannot provide successful accelerated modernization.

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