Mediterranean diet prolongs life

Scientists have proven that the Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, marine fish, legumes, is extremely useful for the human body and can prolong life, writes The Daily Mail.

While the indigenous inhabitants of the Mediterranean almost never eat black meat and don't drink alcohol. A large part of the unsaturated fat comes through olive oil, enough to support lipid balance in the body.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that quality food is one of the main factors that affect the duration and quality of life. A balanced diet is on a par with physical activity and good environment. The Mediterranean diet, according to Cecilia Salieri, the study's author, can significantly prolong human life and to protect him from many chronic diseases.

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It is worth noting that according to a study, only every tenth woman eat correctly and efficiently. This figure suggests the wrong approach most to the question of power and the question of his health. Scientists note that the right diet allows 40% more likely to transship through the mark 70 years.

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