Meditation will heal from stress for ten days

Severe post-traumatic stress disorder can be cured in ten days, writes The Times of India. For this you need to do transcendental meditation. For such a short period of time a person will feel much better.

Data were established during rehabilitation Congolese war refugees from camps in Uganda. A study conducted earlier, proves the effectiveness within 30 days for 90% of the group. Now the positive dynamics was obtained three times faster, says Brian Reese (Reserve medical corps of the U.S. army).

In the study, researchers tested 11 people for 10 and 30 days. After a week there was a positive dynamics of recovery when using transcendental meditation. It was enough to do two times a day for 20 minutes self-development.

The nervous system has come in order after such a short training. The mind and the entire body stabilized, anxious thoughts have gone by the wayside, the dream became stronger.

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