Meditation can cure the flu

American doctors believe if people will do meditation and Jogging, it will help him to avoid colds and flu.

Influenza is one of the most famous and widespread diseases, and of the total number of infectious diseases that afflict the Russians, the share of this disease accounts for about 95% of cases. Practically erupt every year of the epidemic, and complications associated with influenza, cause the death of nearly 1,000 of the population per year. Reliable drugs that would guarantee the protection of human flu, not yet invented. Doctors ' recommendations are only General guidelines to lead a healthy lifestyle, take vitamins to maintain the body in autumn and winter. Traditionally, before the advent of the "flu season", you should use vaccines. Innovation can be considered the introduction of meditation and physical exercises, like Jogging, including measures to protect against flu and colds.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison from September to may, organized study of lifestyle and health, with the participation of 149 volunteers, divided into three groups. In the first group two months was conducted regular meditation classes. Participants from the second group almost daily jogged until easy fatigue, and the third group followed a normal way of life, abandoning meditation and sports. In the end it turned out that in the first and second groups of influenza and catarrhal diseases were sick less often by half compared with volunteers from the third group. And if someone meditated was sick with the flu, they tolerated it much easier than before, with a significant reduction in the duration of the disease.

According to scientists, to protect against the flu is more effective to practice like meditation and Jogging in the fresh air. Not counting the tempering effect, when bracing the impact of running on the body in General, it is a reliable tool in the fight against physical inactivity, which causes the development of many diseases. If you are not a fan of running, then replacing this type of physical activity can become an active walk. Proven ability half-hour walks in the fresh air not only to prevent colds, depression or anxiety, but also to contribute to the accumulation of forces in anticipation of the day.

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