Medicine to improve cognitive abilities in down syndrome

Scientists from the University of Colorado completed a clinical trial of a drug that stimulates cognitive abilities in patients with down syndrome. This will greatly improve the quality of life of patients with this genetic disease.

Dr. Alberto Costa hopes that the drug will increase the capacity for learning and memory patients. For three years he conducted testing of the drug, and now the scientist is ready to provide data scientist court.

New medicine lematin currently being tested in 39 volunteers with down syndrome, to this test showed that mice with the syndrome medicine has significantly improved working memory.

Doctors commonly believed that people with down syndrome rarely survive 50 years old, however, if the drug works, they will be able to live up to 70 years to successfully attend school, to lead an independent life.

However, the research of Dr. Costa's needs in financing, the treatment of down syndrome is not popular among the sponsors and not promises to bring high dividends, but the doctor hopes that he will be able to invent drugs despite all the circumstances.

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