Medicine and smartphones will help diagnose ear infections

For those who have a trip to the doctor no time, scientists have developed a diagnostic tool for diseases of the ear. Experts from umeå University and the University of Pretoria came up with a device that can diagnose otitis media. The disease is quite frequent, especially among young children and the elderly, says NDTV.

In fact, the device is a set of electronic Otoscope and consoles in the form of a mobile phone. Otoscope takes a picture of the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane. The resulting image is compared with the previous one, on the basis of this analysis, a conclusion is provided about the health of the organ of hearing.

The accuracy of such diagnosis is about 80%. If you use the cheaper the Otoscope, the probability of correct diagnosis decreases to 78.7%. Note that the average General practitioner can make a diagnosis "acute otitis media" by results of survey only 64-80% of cases.

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