Medicinal plants - to whom they are contraindicated

Medicinal plants have long been used for healing physical and mental health, it is believed that herbs are safe profile, in comparison with traditional medicines. But herbs are also its contraindications, and those who it does not take into account - can harm your health.

Plant mint long everyone knows and everyone is loved, it is present in soft drinks and candy. But mint is not all beneficial. Not recommended for a long time to accept it for those who have low blood pressure (hypotension).

Mint has the ability of lowering the tone of the veins, and cause a "blow" to the body, which will cause serious exacerbation - of varicose veins. Peppermint may cause drowsiness, why in the morning is very hard to Wake up. Some people can happen fronto-temporal headache, and mild nasal congestion. Sometimes mint carries a secret threat that inhibits the process of conception. In the rare case mint can cause heartburn.

The celandine is very sensitive liver. If you have individual intolerance or overdose of this plant, it cannot be excluded from the list of acute toxic hepatitis. Suddenly you got a strong overdose - can be opened vomiting, nausea, and in some case, there will be something out of the ordinary - paralysis of the respiratory centre.

Ledum has the ability toxic to influence the liver and Central nervous system. After receiving an overdose of a drug or pereborshil" tincture is perhaps the emergence of Intrusive dreams, nightmares torturing in his sleep, heightened arousal. It is impossible to exclude and material breach of the gastrointestinal tract, heart function, breathing, until the occurrence of paralysis.

Long-term use of nettle in some individuals can cause thrombophlebitis. About the same side effects features and Aronia. But if you prothrombin, on the contrary, lowered, and bad blood coagulability, radish with nettles is the best means.

The chokeberry and Rowan black should not be too often used in peptic ulcer duodenal ulcer, gastritis, as well as those people who have high acidity.

The chokeberry confused with some other medicinal plant aralia, drugs which are not recommended for hypertensive patients, as well as those of the detected cardiac activity. People suffering from insomnia, increased nervous excitability and cancer Aronia just contraindicated.

It is very important to keep one thing in mind - using oak bark for a long time in the form of a rinse, you can significantly impair your sense of smell, and applying inward in large quantities, solution of oak bark can cause vomiting.

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