Medications from Smoking help!

Smokers easier to quit Smoking if they use special medications a few weeks before they actually try to quit Smoking. These are the results of clinical trials conducted by researchers from the University at Buffalo, Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and other institutions, recently published in "Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics".

The research was focused on 35 women and 25 men, all smokers from new York who had smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day. Participants who had received varenicline (tool for Smoking cessation) four weeks to successfully quit Smoking than those who took it for one week before giving up bad habits. It should be noted that a period of one week is the current standard therapy for drug.

"Varenicline was designed to make Smoking less useful and enjoyable for smokers, and our data show that it makes it better when people take him for a few extra weeks before you quit Smoking," says Larry Y. hawk Jr., Ph.D., lead author and associate Professor of psychology. "If this finding may have a significant impact on the health of the population," he added.

Although many participants reported mild nausea, Professor says that the symptoms usually dissipates in a few weeks and may help to reduce the desire to smoke.

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Of particular interest was the fact that women who took varenicline for four weeks, was completely abandoned area. Researchers say that now we need much more research to say for sure whether gender differences in quitting bad habits real.

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