Medications can provoke alcoholism

Contrary to the widely spread opinion that alcoholism is caused by a lack of willpower, scientists have proven that it is sometimes a cause can become medicines. It is noteworthy that such properties of their products are not always guess even manufacturers.

For example, wide publicity was given to the story of an English girl named Ann-Marie cook, which doctors prescribed the drug, seroxat - in order to get rid of depression, arising from the girls after the death of his father. Soon her health has improved. After some time, Mrs. cook decided to check the compatibility of this drug with alcohol (in the instructions not mentioned a single word). As a result, apart from the fact that literally a couple glasses of wine made her behave too aggressively, it has also revealed the need for additional doses of alcohol.

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Only after she lost most of his friends, lost his job and position in society, the lady realized his problem and decided to turn to professionals for help. During treatment it was found that the reason for these changes in her lifestyle could be just seroxat: it turned out that no cases of alcoholism after taking the drug a lot, and after courses other similar antidepressants.

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