Medication to improve memory makes students more stupid

20% of students during the session resorting to the use of special tools to improve memory. Modafinil, one of the most common "smart drugs" improves attention improves the process of remembering information and struggling with sleepiness. However, modafinil causes side effects such as irritability, headaches and tachycardia (fast heartbeat). Information published by The Daily Mail.

Only the study involved 32 volunteers taking modafinil, and 32 people, not taking any drugs as the control group. The researchers assessed the indicators of brain activity of volunteers, their accuracy and reaction speed, productivity.

Modafinil in some cases suppressed the creative direction of the action, in the case of people with no inclination to non-standard approach to the drug, on the contrary, helped to find a creative way to solve the problem. Scientists believe that modafinil and other means to improve memory will be useful for less able students, students with good academic performance such medicines to anything.

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