Medication for alcohol dependence, helps patients with Parkinson's disease

Scientists have conducted a comparative analysis of two disorders: Parkinson's disease and chronic alcoholism. Parkinsonism in the initial stages is characterized by increased activity, prone to gambling, excessive sexual anxiety and a waste of money.

It's hard to say what the reason causes similar changes in the psyche. Probably the thing or the disease itself, or taking certain medications. Specialists from Medical school Perelman (University of Pennsylvania) tried to use a medicine against chronic alcoholism for inhibition of development of Parkinson's disease.

Naltrexone is a traditional remedy for the treatment of alcoholism. The drug was tested on 50 patients. The first half got empty, the second one is a real drug in the dosage of 50-100 mg per day. The obtained results were recorded in the questionnaire and the General symptoms of the disease.

It turned out that the cure for alcoholism has a positive effect on questionnaires QUIP-RS, although the clinical indicators in the two groups remained unchanged.

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