Medicamental rhinitis is the dependence

It would seem that drugs designed to help people fight disease. But there are a number of diseases that arise as a result of taking drugs. Often this is associated with the manifestation of side effects or uncontrolled and unwarranted treatment.

One such disease is rhinitis medication, developing on a background of reception of medicines. Such rhinitis is most likely to occur from:

Most often medicamental rhinitis arises from the use of drugs for rhinitis, has a vasoconstrictor effect. Long-term use of such drugs is extremely undesirable, especially the elderly and those suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The diagnosis can be done by the following symptoms:

Treatment consists of discontinuation of the drug, which is the cause of the disease. If this is not possible, to the appointment of another drug. If you stop taking medicine and replace it cannot, then the treatment is probably the type of vasomotor rhinitis.

If there is a dependence from taking vasoconstrictor drops, it is necessary gradually to abolish them. With the possible appointment of a special spray, which consists of steroids - it makes the rejection of sympathomimetics easier.

Typically restore nasal breathing produces through 7-20 days after cancellation of the nasal medications. In some cases, surgical treatment medication rhinitis: laser and radivolnovogo submucosal vasaraasia held in the lower nasal Concha. This procedure is characterized by the absence of pain, easy to carry and lasts only 10 minutes.

To avoid rhinitis medication, it is not recommended the use of vasoconstrictor drugs more than 5-7 days in a row. If the symptoms of the common cold during this time has not disappeared, it is better to replace the medication more useful herbal medications. If they consist of menthol, it will help relieve nasal breathing and relieve headaches. No harm will be to the good old inhalation and warm foot bath.

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