Medical swabs is a reality

Tampons are the most ancient hygienic means, which to this day use women in critical periods of his life. The company Shaanxi ZhongBang Pharma-Tech CO. LTD in 2003 decided to go ahead and create it on the basis of hygienic medical swabs, which can topically to treat women's diseases, affecting a number of pathogenetic links.

The new product is called the Clean Point tampons, which means "ball for cleaning Palace". Medical swabs have undergone extensive clinical trials among Chinese women and confirmed the high effectiveness in the treatment of thrush, erosive processes and ulcers of the cervix, vaginitis, endometritis and other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system women.

Medical swabs is a balanced complex of 63 medicinal herbs commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. The mixture of herbs enclosed in gauze ball with a diameter of about 1 cm High efficiency Clean Point tampons due to exposure to several factors, which contribute to the rapid recovery. Medical swabs improve the microcirculation of the vagina and the uterus, fights free-radical stress, eliminate pathological dryness, activating secretory functions of the tissues and improving their tone.

Besides high efficiency during clinical trials, experts noted the high profile security due to the fact that medical swabs consist of herbs and used locally, without affecting systemically to other organs, in contrast to traditional medicines.

For the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of women, you must pass two or three courses. One course will require the introduction of 6 tampons. In addition to the treatment of these swabs can be used as a means of relapse prevention of chronic diseases, it is sufficient to use 1 swab once a month that will help for a long period to consolidate the original effect.

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Although this technique has gained wide acceptance in medical circles, it is important to understand that medical Clean Point tampons from a mixture of herbs are not a cure. Therefore, the application should be examined by a specialist, to establish the diagnosis and to coordinate with the gynecologist the possibility of therapeutic application of Clean Point tampons in complex treatment of gynecological diseases.

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