Medical substantiation love

Scientists from the University of Concordia found that love and passion are completely independent from each other, as are responsible for different areas of the brain.

The researchers analyzed the results of experiments with volunteers who watched erotic materials or pictures of their second halves. Magnetic resonance imaging showed that when a man experiences sexual desire, activates the striatum of the Central nervous system, this part of the brain in equal measure responsible for appetite and hunger.

And when a person feels amorous feelings, it is activated branched for fun and bad habits Department compensation, activate it, as it's known, can cause dopamine addiction. Love can develop from sexual desire, when the nervous system will develop addictive, akin to addiction to nicotine.

From a medical point of view was that love causes the effect stems from addiction and passion differs little from hunger.

"Sexual desire is activated rather in the physical presence of someone, the effect of love more mnogogranen, people can test it and without the presence of the object," said the author of scientific work Jim Pfaus.

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