Mechanical peeling

With the banal surface mechanical peeling is familiar to most women, which many times made it at home using a special scrubs. Professional cosmetologists perform the procedure for surface and other types of peeling is not so. They use chemically active substances - acids. If you do the procedure yourself at home, read the reviews about the safety of use of peels for the face.

It is possible that mechanical peeling is the most ancient form of peeling of all existing at the present time. And, despite this, he still actively and effectively used in modern cosmetology.

Everyone knows that the mechanical peeling there are several varieties. Basic type - mechanical peeling with the help of different kinds of scrubs. It is easy to guess that if deep facial wrinkles and when chronostream the effect of scrub will be, simply put, almost not noticeable. Scrubs can be domestic and industrial cooking. Industrial scrubs are created on cream base, which contains small crumbs seed, almond, apricot, pine nuts, etc

Carrying out surface mehanicheskij peeling, often resort to the use of special abrasive materials - scrubs. As they are very malcovati particles apricot or olive seed oil, walnut shell, almond. But like scrubs, often quite rough and contain particles with jagged sharp edges, so they are more suitable for use in the treatment of the body or the skin on the feet, which was rough. Before going to buy scrub, look for information on the forums, where can I read these reviews about the peeling of the face.

A more correct form and finer particles are part of the products manufactured on the basis of small and specially treated sand.

For any skin type and any age you can apply the scrub for a more thorough cleansing. Greatly enhance the penetration into the skin of useful components using a scrub before undertaking intensive beauty treatments, for example, before applying the mask. About the safety of this type of peeling is no need for worry if it performs specialist. It is best to apply it to a professional cosmetologist and then there will be no problems.

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