Meat eaters vs Vegetarians

Today, almost 10% of the population declined from eating meat. It has its own cause, and on this subject written hundreds of books. Our distant ancestors so seldom managed to catch a mammoth and to snatch from him the piece that they had no choice, as to be almost vegetarians. But in Ancient Greece, the refusal of meat has turned into a philosophical movement.

For example, Pythagoras and his followers believed that animals have a soul and after death she can be reborn in the person. Steadfastly adhered to vegetarianism and the great Italian Leonardo da Vinci. Leo Tolstoy also passionately called for the failure from eating meat and killing animals. "Animals do not differ from humans by their nature, considered a great writer and humanist. In the twentieth century about vegetarianism learned everything.

Vegetarianism is different. The absolute is a vegan. No crumbs of meat, fish, not a drop of milk. Only dishes from vegetables, beans, cereals, fruits, and all that grows. And vegans don't wear fur and leather products. Thus they declare their innocence to the murder of animals of all kinds and use what you can from them. Troublesome, but ideological.

But lactovegetarians - ur - allows in addition to eating plant-based foods to drink milk or eat something curd.

Lactoovovegetarians is just a holiday. In addition to plant food, Pets drinking and eggs, and dairy products. By the way, studies show that this type of diet is great for a healthy and balanced diet. For those who adhere to this system, there are many diet recipes that allow you to diversify the menu.

Uncompromising rejection of meat is fraught with great danger is the lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Human beings are omnivores. He was born to eat varied. Eat meat or plants is a matter of personal choice. Moreover, the motives may be different. Like the old joke: "You only eat vegetables and fruits because you love animals? "No, I just hate plants..."

Indeed, what will eat people if to impress upon him that the plants can also feel and want, so to speak, to live? In General, susceptibility to suggestion in itself is fraught with danger. Doctors agree that parents have no right to restrict the menu of their children just because they hold some of the power system. A growing body this can cause damage. So that being said, choose, but gently. But choose. What suits you, and for the future.

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