Meals are the best option for losing weight man

The ideal diet for losing weight human volunteers and patients with diabetes should consist of three meals. The main emphasis should be made on Breakfast and lunch. Split meals in small portions affects the health and slows down the process of losing weight, writes The Daily Mail.

Data were established in the course of the experiment, with the participation of 54 volunteers. The first group ate two times a day in large portions, the second group - small portions six times a day.

The study was able to prove that the volunteers from the first group lost on average 1.5 pounds more. Note, managed to lose weight, but the results in groups differed quite strongly. Decreased percentage of fat in the liver, particularly this factor was evident in the first group. Increased sensitivity to insulin, which is very useful in diabetes mellitus of the second type.

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Volunteers six months was on a diet with a calorie intake by 500 units below the recommended daily amount. Even minimal correction mode power supply has improved the work of the Langerhans cells of the pancreas to normalize the functioning of the whole organism.

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