Maximum life span may exceed all existing on this account expectations

Not so long ago among specialists in this area erupted serious dispute, active participation in which was attended by two scientists from renowned scientific institutions.

According to published press reports, Yang Wig (albert Einstein College) I am convinced that the maximum possible duration of life does not exceed one hundred and fifteen years, while his colleague Jim Vaupel (max Planck Institute) says that there are no restrictions in this respect simply does not exist, or are they far exceed stalactite abroad.

By the way, statistics show in favor of the latter opinion. It is well known that the figures officially registered the maximum age has steadily increased since the seventies in the nineties of the last century, and then stabilized, having fixed on a mark in almost one hundred and fifteen years.

However, many experts are inclined to believe that these data can be interpreted in different ways. Vopel, for example, expresses the opinion that in the future the life expectancy will grow steadily and by two thousand three hundredth year of the oldest person on the planet could "knock" one hundred and fifty years.

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