Mattresses for diseases of the spine

People suffering from diseases of the spine, we need to take seriously their health, you first need to buy a pillowtop mattress. The bed must provide proper rest to your muscles and joints during sleep, to maintain the spine in the correct position and not be allowed to occur, the voltage in the affected departments.

Orthopedic mattresses are chosen as a means for passive therapy and prevention of some diseases of the spine and joints, such as poor posture, curvature of the spine, degenerative disc disease and some others. When choosing a mattress, it is important to remember that the orthopedic created only in relation sleep + mattress, so it is important to consider not only the quality of the mattress, and physiological characteristics of the person to whom it is intended. Full and fat man should look to the rigid models with reinforced spring block or springless, which is made of strong durable materials. For thin perfect mattresses with springs of medium hardness, and people of average physique should pay attention to the mattresses with independent spring block. With diseases of the upper spine need to choose a mattress of medium hardness, they will help to distribute the load on the muscles and joints during sleep. Soft mattresses, which are well worth a go for people suffering from lower back pain, such mattresses support the spine, giving it the correct position.

Pillowtop mattress must maintain the correct position of the body in accordance with physiological characteristics. The block of independent springs allows the mattress to take the correct form, distributing the load evenly. These mattresses help to straighten the spine, relax the muscles, relieve tension.

Orthopedic mattresses can be springless. These mattresses to maintain the correct body position will be directly filler, which may be made of latex, polyurethane or natural materials (wool, coconut fiber, etc.). Such mattresses are most often chosen for children and the elderly.

Dentists often recommend their patients to choose the hard mattresses, but listen to such advice can only absolutely healthy person. The mattress should be comfortable, to give a feeling of comfort.

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