Mathematical abilities seen in the brain of a child

American scientists have proved that the mathematical ability of the child is completely dependent on his brain patterns. It turns out that the larger the hippocampus, and also stronger than its relationship with other brain areas, the easier it is for a person perceives and remembers the number.

It is the opinion of scientists from Stanford based on the results of the experiment in which they compared the data MRI scan of the brain schoolchildren in the age group 8-9 years with test results in math and IQ tests. After that, the children within two months continued to study mathematics, and then again underwent MRI scanning.

Eight-week classes have had their success, but still best cope with the tasks of those children, hippocampus brain which was larger and was more associated with other brain areas.

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It should also be noted that adults with this interconnectedness between mathematical abilities and hippocampus were observed.

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