Maternal nutrition determines the growth of the unborn child

Scientists have a scientific proof of the link between diet quality of pregnant women and intensity of development of the child at birth. The lack of vegetables, fruits and meat products may affect the growth of the unborn child. In some cases there is an increased risk of obesity and diabetes, says Science World Report.

Egyptian scientists have analyzed the mode and quality of nutrition of mothers. 6.7% of the study participants were obese and had at least one child with growth retardation.

It was found that in families, loyal refers to food choices (children ate a lot of sweets, pastries, fatty foods) stunting among children met 51% more than in families where the child nutrition are correct.

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Scientists draw attention to the importance of proper nutrition for children. Complementary foods must be entered after consultation with your doctor and carefully monitoring the health of the child. These simple recommendations will significantly reduce the risk of obesity and other metabolic disorders in children.

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